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There is no such person as "Our Lady of Good Success"! Our Lady said to call her "Our Lady of the Great Event"

Our Lady of “Good Success” and Her Little Office: Why the Correct title of Our Lady at Quito reveals the essence of Her message and Why She wants us to pray the Little Office.


Our Lady of “Good Success” or, correctly,
Our Lady of The Great Event – a foreshadowing of the Eclipse of the Church
referred to by Our Lady of LaSalette and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

At the near approach of the coming of Our Lord in Bethlehem, even in the womb before He was born, Our Lady, the Ark of the New Covenant, took Him to St. Elizabeth as she carried St. John the Baptist to commission him to be the voice crying out in the wilderness “prepare the way of the Lord.”  St. John spent his life announcing the coming of the Messias for the benefit of those of good will who awaited Him. In our days, in the early 21st century, I believe we can look back at the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother over the past 500 years and say that she has been fulfilling the role of St. John, preparing us for the second coming of Christ, not as a Babe in a manger, but as the Terrible Judge.  And yet, even in His role as Just Judge, He proves that His mercy still burns in His Sacred Heart by sending His Holy Mother to warn us of His coming. The historical events involved in Her apparitions are well known; however, I believe that the circumstances of the apparitions can be just as helpful in revealing Her purpose as the messages that She brings. 

This title by which Our Lady describes Herself to Mother Mariana in Spanish is Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso.  This is commonly, almost universally, mistranslated as Our Lady of Good Success. However, the Spanish word suceso does not mean success. It means an event, an occurrence. So the correct translation of Our Lady’s title is not Our Lady of Good Success but rather Our Lady of the Good or Great Event. This is extremely significant. It refers to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! The culmination of all the events symbolized in the life of Mother Mariana is that when all seems to be lost, at that moment our Lady will intervene and the Church will be restored – the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart – the Great Event! This is also the message of Our Lady of Fatima: In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

The events in the life of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres of the Conceptionist sisters in the convent of the Immaculate Conception in Quito, as recounted in the biography of Mother Mariana entitled, La vida admirable de la Reverendísima Madre Mariana de Jesús Torres written by Fr. Manuel Sousa, OFM, in 1790, are so symbolic that if they had not occurred so long ago, one would think it was an allegory written by a Traditional Catholic in the 21st century.

Our Lady repeatedly warns Mother Mariana that in the middle of the 20th century, a horrible chastisement would befall the Church (cf. Her warning at La Salette and Fatima’s 3rd secret). She explains in some detail the things that the Church would suffer, saying that the Sacraments would be difficult to find, that there would be the lack of a shepherd to guide the flock, etc. In addition to the direct communication of these warnings in words, the events which Mother Mariana endured and witnessed are equally prophetic. The books I have read discuss the words but I believe the meaning of the sufferings is even stronger.

Mother Mariana wanted to live her Franciscan vocation by following perfectly the Rule of the Franciscans given by Pope Julian II. That is, she wanted to hold on to the traditions, and not innovate in any way, no matter how insignificant it may appear to be, just as Catholics who want to keep the Faith have always done.  There were many in the convent who did not want to follow the rule [keep the Faith] and they conspired to make false reports to the bishop which led to her being put into the convent prison. This worked due to the weakness of the prioress who knew it was wrong but passed on the calumnies anyway.  Eventually, all of the nuns who wanted to keep the rule were put into the prison, underground, and unable to assist at the Mass and Divine Office.  The convent is symbolic of the Church in the mid-20th century. It is taken over by rebellious people, enemies of the rule, who don’t want to keep the rule and those who hold on to tradition are placed in an underground prison and denied access to the Sacraments. All of this was done at the command of weak prioress and a bad bishop.  The bishop’s soul was only saved by the sacrifices of Mother Mariana on his behalf.  This happens repeatedly; Mother Mariana and sometimes the other obedient nuns are thrown in prison, then they are released, only to be thrown back in again. 

Mother Mariana actually "died" more than once and came back after having been shown visions of the horrible times that would come upon the Church in the mid-20th century.  One thing she saw was the extinguishing of the sanctuary light in the convent chapel and nobody was able to re-ignite it.  Our Lady explains many meanings to Mariana but the most obvious is that the Blessed Sacrament, i.e. the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, would seem to be all but abolished. It is even the same symbolism that Pope Pius XII used when he warned:

I am worried by the Blessed Virgin's messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in Her liturgy, Her theology and Her soul. ... A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God ... In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them, like Mary Magdalene weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, “where have they taken Him?” -- Pope Pius XII, quoted in the book Pius XII Devant L'Histoire, pp. 52-53.

Our Lord promised to be with us always, so there will always be a true Mass somewhere, but it won’t be continuous, from the rising of the sun to the setting thereof.

The other symbolism that Our Lady does describe of the sanctuary lamp going out is that the Church will be without a pope:

How this Church will suffer on that occasion the dark night of the lack of a prelate and father to watch over them with paternal love, gentleness, strength, discernment and prudence. Many priests will lose their spirit placing their souls in great danger.

The Remedy? The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

As always, however, Our Lady gave us a remedy to the evils that would befall the Church, and from our perspective, what has already happened.  After St. Gabriel the Archangel appeared to her, Mother Mariana says:

How all of hell wars against the recitation of the Little Office of Mary Most Holy! And what marvels that great Queen works so that it might continue to be said!  The holy Founding Mothers, who suffered so much to preserve that practice, guaranteed that this early morning psalmody is what preserves the Convent. When it would no longer be sung, then the religious spirit would be lost.  Woe to this Convent if, when our newest sisters read these lines, they do not preserve this holy devotion and custom!  We beg all who follow us to sacrifice their sleep in order to rise and pray this Office at 4 a.m. with the devotion and the fervor of the Founding Mothers. Then they will see how the spirit of the Community, perhaps dying, will be restored.

         … The Little Office, so pleasing to Mary most holy.

   … The Little Office which gives me so much pleasure.

… her Guardian Angel, who said, “Spouse of the Lord, why do you fear? You saw Hell! The devil did this to try to impede the recitation of the Little Office. Bitter times will come when the Little Office will be left behind, and the spirit of the Convent weakened. Woe to those who shall have a part in this.” On the steps ascending to the choir, she again heard that hideous voice, which cried out: “I shall use all of my power to prevent the praying of this accursed Little Office, for, by it, my forces are weakened and I am destroyed.”

These are just the more striking examples of the importance Our Lady (and Her enemy) places on the recitation of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary! There are countless more throughout the biography of Mother Mariana. What is it about the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary that makes it so special? Why does She ask us with such urgency to pray it? The main message of the life of Mother Mariana and the apparitions and sufferings she endured is that a climactic event would take place in the middle of the 20th century and that those living at that time would be without Sacraments and shepherds.  What was it that pleased Her so? What was it that caused Satan to hate it so? And what is the connection between the Little Office and the Great Apostasy that She warned us about that would happen in the middle of the 20th century? With these questions in mind, we must make a concerted effort to recite the Little Office prayerfully and meditatively, slowly and with as much attention to the meanings of the psalms, prayers, versicIes that compose the Little Office.[meaning the way it was at the time of the death of Pope Pius XII, October 9, 1958]  to appreciate much more the comfort to be found amid the psalms, but also that the Church WILL TRIUMPH when the GREAT EVENT  - the Buen Suceso - happens.  Now that we are in the midst of those days, these psalms seem to take on a new meaning; they are filled with comfort, consolation, and beauty, but more than that, they remind us of the coming triumph of Our Lady and Her Divine Son - the restoration of all things in Christ!

Soon to come will be some meditations along this theme for the psalms, antiphons, hymns, etc. as to the hope and encouragement that Our Lady gives us so that we may be valiant soldiers of Christ. Afterward will be found the entirety of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary which I pray you will be inspired to pray each day, digne, atente ac devote.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

      Pray for the extirpation of the church of darkness from Rome 

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you, save souls!

I will raise Me up a faithful priest, who shall do according to My heart and My soul: and I will build him a faithful house: and he shall walk all day before my Anointed. O Lord, remember David and all his meekness. (Introit from the Mass for the election of a pope.)

We entreat Thee most humbly, O Lord, that Thy boundless mercy may give the holy Roman Church a Bishop whose loving care in our regard will always be pleasing to Thee, and by his beneficent rule will always give glory to Thy Name and be deeply honored by Thy people; through Our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen. (Collect from the Mass for the election of a pope.)

They shall not partake of holy things, until a high priest shall arise for evidence and truth.
(Offertory from the Mass for the election of a pope)

Pope St. Pius X
The allocution Vi Ringrazio (Nov. 29, 1911)

            What shall I say to you now, dear sons of France, who groan beneath the weight of persecution? The people who made an alliance with God at the baptismal font of Rheims will repent and return to its first vocation. Her faults will not remain unpunished, but she will never perish, the daughter of so many merits, so many sighs, and so many tears.

            A day will come, and we hope it will not be far, when France, like Saul on the road to Damascus, will be surrounded by a heavenly light and will hear a voice repeating to her, “My daughter, why do you persecute me?” And to her response, “Who art thou, Lord?” the voice will reply, “I am Jesus, whom you persecute. It is hard for you to kick against the goad, because, in your obstinacy, you destroy yourself.” And she, trembling and astonished, will say, “Lord, what wouldst thou have me do?” And He will say, “Rise up, wash the filth that has disfigured you, awaken in your heart those dormant affections and the pact of our alliance and go, eldest daughter of the Church, predestined nation, vessel of election, go, as in the past, and carry my name before all peoples and before the kings of the earth.”

St. Louis IX and St. Joan of Arc, pray for the Return of the King!