Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fr. Campbell's Sermon where he asks, "What is killing America?"

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, June 28, 2015

“That you might inherit a blessing” (1Pet.3:9b)

Our Covenant with God is sealed in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, our eternal High Priest. As Jesus raised the cup of wine at the Last Supper, He said to His Apostles:

“This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which shall be shed for you” (Lk.22:20).

But there was an Old Covenant. What happened to the Covenant that God made with the Israelites at Mount Sinai, when He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses? According to St. Paul, it became obsolete:

“Now in saying ‘a new covenant,’ he (God) has made obsolete the former one; and that which is obsolete is near its end” (Heb.8:13).

So the claim made by John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis Bergoglio, that the Mosaic Covenant is still in effect, directly contradicts Holy Scripture. There is only one valid Covenant, to which the individual is admitted through Baptism.

Those who are not baptized cannot be saved, because they have not taken advantage of the amazing offer made by God’s Divine Son, Jesus Christ. I guess it was too much to ask – repent, believe and be baptized. The world has turned away from God, refusing His generous offer of a blessed eternity in Heaven, and has chosen instead the devil’s option – an eternity of unimaginable horror and suffering in Hell.

Why did God find it necessary to establish a new Covenant? Because the Law “given through Moses” had no power of itself to save, whereas “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (Jn.1:17). The original Covenant was a provisional one, to be fulfilled with the coming of the promised Messiah. In any case, the Mosaic Covenant was broken and finally rejected by the Jews. 

The original covenant is spelled out in detail in Sacred Scripture in the Books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. God’s blessings would be upon the people if they kept His Holy Commandments. But there would be curses, or woes, punishments for those who failed to keep the Covenant:

“But if you do not heed me and do not keep all these commandments, if you reject my precepts and spurn my decrees, refusing to obey all my commandments and breaking my covenant… I will punish you with terrible woes…” (Lev.26:14-16).

The covenant woes of Leviticus are grouped in four sets of seven chastisements.  If the people failed to repent after the first chastisements, they would suffer seven more severe punishments: “If you do not obey me I will punish you seven times more for your sins” (Lev.26:18). 

If they were still unrepentant, they would suffer seven more punishments until God’s patience would be exhausted, and they would have to endure the final set of seven terrible woes. Israel’s ultimate act of defiance against God was its rejection of Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, which broke their Covenant with God and merited for them the final set of woes. No doubt the Scribes and Pharisees knew what Jesus meant when He invoked the covenant curses upon them, declaring that “all these things will come upon this generation” (Mt.23:33-36).
Because Jesus Christ established a New Covenant in His Blood, the Church is now the New Israel, and there is only one valid Covenant to which all must belong who hope to be saved. As St. Paul says in Romans: 
“Christ is the consummation of the Law unto justice for everyone who believes” (Rom.10:4). 
Then what’s killing America? Why is America about to experience its share of the woes pronounced against Israel? Because America has bonded itself to Israel, and will share in its punishments! The infamous Scofield Bible has borne its bitter fruit. The evangelical preacher, John Hagee, claims that God’s words to Abraham – “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you” – are addressed to the Jews of the modern state of Israel, whereas those who inherit Abraham’s faith are his true heirs, that is, Christ and His Church. Blood descent from Abraham counts for nothing. But Hagee insists:
“This is God’s foreign policy statement for Israel, that has never changed… When you as a nation begin to do practical acts of kindness that bless the Jewish people, the miracle power of God begins to explode in your life… Christians in America stand united for Israel today, tomorrow, and forever. Let the word go forth from this place tonight that the unity of fifty million Evangelicals and seven million Jews in America is a match made in Heaven.”
The outspoken Christian convert from Judaism, Brother Nathaniel, who reports these things on his website, says that it is a match made – somewhere else, and that the Jews are dragging the deluded Evangelicals down there with them. “Unite with God’s enemies, and you’re headed for Hell,” warns Brother Nathaniel ( 
This is what is killing America! This is what is killing the Church that unites itself in false worship and false brotherhood with the Jews, instead of preaching the Gospel to them, the only means of their salvation – the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But we do not have to go down with the ship! St. John in his Apocalypse tells us what we must do, and this becomes all the more urgent in the light of the latest ruling of the Supreme Court concerning same sex marriage: 
“And I heard another voice from heaven saying: ‘Go out from her, my people, that you may not share in her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached even to heaven, and the Lord has remembered her iniquities’” (Apoc.18:4,5). 
We must be true to our Covenant with God. The time has come for us to really live the promises of our Baptism, and show that we are citizens of Heaven, and not slaves of Hell. Our true Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ; our true Mother is Mary Immaculate, our Heavenly Queen. If, by the grace of God, we obey His Commandments, our Covenant with God is secured, for

“the blood of Jesus Christ, his Son, cleanses us from all sin” (1Jn.1:7).